Birding by Ear: Northern Cardinal Song


Macaulay Library Curator, Greg Budney, talks about the brilliant song of the Northern Cardinal. Learn more about the Northern Cardinal on All About Birds:

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July 14, 2010

theleafs97 @ 9:03 am #

wow! my fav

July 21, 2010

megabobolink @ 1:30 pm #

i wish we had these in montana :[

July 28, 2010

p2proxtheworld @ 8:10 pm #

Love the Cardinal songs/calls…Nice vid

August 29, 2010

FamilyVideoGirl @ 2:57 pm #

Thought I was hearing wrens, but maybe all along it was the cardinals, now that I hear their true call. Thanks! I’ll listen more closely

October 16, 2010

joeblowthehot @ 10:50 am #

LOOOOOVE these little guys!!

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