DJ SOS and DJ Tutor go bird watching in Africa


DJ SOS and DJ Tutor go bird watching in Africa ————– No birds where harmed in the making of this video, even the tit was removed safely. The tit is now in a warm place having plenty of good food and wine, although it’s had a lot of wine , infact too much as the other day the tit was seen crossing the road with a stranger! As far as i know the stranger ‘s name was Derick and he came from France. He was known to have a limp and is quite partial to the ocational tit. The other week he was seen giving one tit some cream that he began to rub on it, the tit was not happy! nothing in this video is given as legal evidence, it is provided for information purposes only.

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January 23, 2011

oli3659 @ 7:42 am #

Pretty much

lemonproject @ 8:08 am #

A lesser spotted blue titty me thinks, highly rare.

ljmmobilediscos @ 8:29 am #

Lol! Ha

bigbthedj1 @ 8:49 am #

Just think iof you would have treated your wife better she could be in your videos

GyuJazz @ 9:18 am #

I kinda saw where this was going to, but the end made me laugh anyway 😀

ShadowMajk @ 10:01 am #

@32JSE Start test new drugs from camden? xD

Honker103 @ 10:06 am #

@32JSE hahaha. if i got all that equipment from pioneer i’d be preeeetttty busyy.

iAdam19 @ 10:07 am #

A blue tit and a cat, woah!

Still, J you absolute legend!

groovindj @ 10:16 am #

Nice to see you both keeping abreast of things…

gedankenkanal @ 10:42 am #

keep your nose up j. dont listen do idiots – just be your self!

bigbthedj1 @ 10:46 am #

Why I HATE Johnathon and his douchebag partner Brian Redd..Brian could give a flying F&*K about you all he cares ONLY about him..Johanthon I gave him a bunch of ideas for videos and he said YES I’ll do it He hasn’t done one, he also had a video fo a old school DJ from back in the day and he PRPOMISED he WOULD do a follow up NOPE he hasn’t if it doesn’t bern efit EITHER one of these WANKERS they only do crap for thier FRIENDS!! For all you SHEEP that follow these two your idiots also

alpham777 @ 10:56 am #


got any idea how busy brian and john are they have to manage doing all this you tube work amogst there regular dj careers they also run into problems just like us J just got a divorce and is short on cash they dont always have time to please everyone

arod006 @ 11:08 am #


DjStashE @ 11:11 am #

lol funny looks cold in africa

syncmaster710n14 @ 11:13 am #

@bigbthedj1 OH and you do loads of videos and care about everyone do you!, You have 2!!!!!!!!!! f**king videos, so don’t mock it till you try it.

ABoyCalledThomas @ 11:15 am #

0:51 Is that a very rare blue feathered boobie bird?? :O ;p whaha :p

Niblet007 @ 11:18 am #

@ABoyCalledThomas That’s a Blue Tit sir 🙂

DJJORGEMOJICA @ 12:11 pm #

nice bird and great tit

Josgrobo @ 12:13 pm #


SSFproductions1 @ 12:21 pm #


Bliced @ 12:22 pm #


TommyTurntables1 @ 12:25 pm #

Ahhh, A African Blue Tail Titty 😉

DjBBKTeeVee @ 12:52 pm #

that thing looked like a nipple…

SpeedertNL @ 2:37 pm #

I’m like a biiiiiiiiirrddd, I always fly awayyy.. ♫

K0lsyr4 @ 2:42 pm #

I wonder what more nasty birds there is in the nature.

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