Ruskin Dometop Bird Cage


The Ruskin Dometop Bird Cage is the perfect way to give your birds the space they need. The base of this cage has four rolling casters so it can be easily moved from room to room. The powder-coated finish ensures durability and is non-toxic to your pets. A large main door gives you easy access to your birds and the provided wood perches give your birds a comfortable setting.The Ruskin Dometop Bird Cage is available in your choice of colors and has 1/2-inch bar spacing. Your birds will love the comfortable environment that the Ruskin Dometop Bird Cage provides.Ideal for: Senegals Red Belly Meyers Parrots Jendays Sun Conures Blue Crowns Jardines Parakeets Parrotlets Lovebirds Cockatiels Bourkes Parakeets Timneh African Greys Small Cockatoos

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