Rediscover St. Croix | Birds (Full)


Rediscover St. Croix is a half hour program that aims to explore the historic, natural, and scenic areas and elements of the island that residents and visitors, may know, or hear about, but have not had the opportunity to experience for themselves. In this episode, host Janeisha John goes bird watching with members of the St. Croix Environmental Association and the US Fish & Wildlife service. The first area visited on this bird watching experience is the Estate South Gate salt pond located on the northeast side of the island. Several birds seen at this site are Great Egrets, Green Herring, and Wilson’s Plovers. Also, Janeisha comes across an egg left behind by a Ruddy Duck. The second area visited on this episode is the Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge at the west end of the island. It contains the largest wetland in the VI and is the place where over 100 species of birds come to nest and rest. At this site, there are Black Neck Stilts, Least Terns, Royal Terns and Brown Pelicans. We also get a chance to see how the Least Tern lay their eggs directly on the salt bed flats.

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