i was taping then all of a sudden these birds come from nowhere it was AMAZING! WHAT CAMERA HOGS they wanted to be on yt lollllllllll Funny thing is after I finished taping they went away omg how dya like that?

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February 8, 2011

Bettyboop888 @ 4:36 pm #

Such a pleasant video, lovely view.

TheEchovoices @ 4:37 pm #


isn’t that something? I can’t get over the birds flying at us and then they flew off after I was done lol ty bettyboop xx

countrychloe @ 6:55 pm #

They never do what you want them to do. lol
I love black and white cats. I had one called
Kayla. I miss her so much. Thank you for sharing
them. They are precious! Bless you because you
sneezed. lol

TheEchovoices @ 8:31 pm #


lolllllllllllll so true, you’re right, and ty for the Blessing huggggggggs, I understand about your Kayla, I had one for
18yrs he was my life I truly feel for you I do xxxxxxxxxxxxx

StrongEnoughDiva @ 9:17 pm #

Awe, isn’t that beautiful. I love that view so much! What’s the matter with him now he doesn’t make a peep? LOL, so prim and proper for the camera, haaaaaaaa! I was thinking the same about the birds, Hitchcock, LOL.. tyvm I enjoyed this Sis.. God Bless you xxxxx

countrychloe @ 9:26 pm #

@TheEchovoices I remember
you telling me about your
kitty. I love your icon!!!!!! ^___~

February 9, 2011

TheEchovoices @ 12:09 am #


Actually that was my other one Angelboy, I have had a few, but they were all my life its very very hard to let go when you love so much, next to impossible I have to say, I put the icon on my bg feel free to take it if u wish xx

TheEchovoices @ 12:10 am #


I know right he never shuts up when we are on the phone, now quiet not a peep little buggar, yvw sis
God Bless you MORE xx

countrychloe @ 12:12 am #

@TheEchovoices Thank you Lorrie, but
i do not know how to do it. lol

TheEchovoices @ 12:22 am #


oh just right click bg and save it lolllllll

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