Modular Patio Pet Door Medium


Perfect Pet Modular Pet Patio Door Two modular sections easily assemble into a full size Pet Patio Door. Because this patio pet door is separated into 2 sections, it is MUCH cheaper to ship than 1-piece patio pet doors. The Modular Pet Patio Door by Perfect Pet by Ideal can be inserted onto the tracts of your sliding patio door to create a pet door without damaging your current patio door. This item comes as two, easy to connect modules that are designed to fit standard sliding aluminum patio doors. This patio door insert is constructed of white finish aluminum and clear tempered safety glass. Just insert the Modular Pet Patio Door into your sliding patio door frame against the side it closes on, and pull your door up against it to close it with the new addition. This patio door insert has a security lock and the pet door in the lower module has an animal lock-out slide to allow you to lock the pet door when at your discretion. (Does not fit Anderson doors) Features: Adjustable height for standard aluminum sliding patio door sizes 77.5 to 80.5 Cheaper to ship than 1-piece patio pet doors Sturdy aluminum construction Clear tempered safety glass Security lock Animal Lock-Out Slide Limited Lifetime Warranty Item Specifications: Sizes: Small – 5″ x 7″ Door Model # MODPATSW Medium – 7″ x 11 1/4″ Door Model # MODPATMW Extra Large – 10 1/2″ x 15″ Door Model # MODPATXLW

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