Free Water Wiggler! Water Rippling Birdbath


Draw birds right into your backyard with the Water Rippling Birdbath. This durable plastic bath is in two pieces and has been tested at sub-zero temperatures to ensure it will not crack. The decorative swirled base should be placed on a level surface and filled with water or sand to give it added stability. Included with this bird bath is a water wiggler. Designed to create delicate ripples in the basin of the bird bath the Water Wiggler works to attract birds and deter mosquitoes. The Water Wiggler operates silently on two D-cell batteries for up to two months of continual use. The combination of this charming bird bath and the innovative Water Wiggler are sure to create a wonderful retreat for your neighborhood birds.DimensionsBirdbath: 20.25L x 20.25W x 27H inchesWater Basin: 17.5L x 17.5W x 2.5D inches

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