Leica 8×42 Ultravid HD / Black Armored Binoculars


You sense rather than see the movement.. Slowly you raise your Ultravids to your eyes and there it is. Your first Snowy Owl. Picked out in ultra-clear detail. Despite the background of stark white snow despite the uncertain early-dawn light you can see individual feathers on the bird’s head ruffling in the biting wind. The Ultravids are performing as they always have; flawlessly through tropical downpours howling gales in equatorial dust bowls across frozen tundra. That really is something – your first Snowy! The robust all-around favouriteThey are almost as compact as 32 mm models and nearly as high-aperture as 50 mm binoculars. But the 42 mm Ultravids also impress due to the benefits of the new HD models – Leica AquaDuraTM and new FL lenses. LEICA ULTRAVID 8 x 42 HD The multi-talented binocular that delivers images rich in contrast both during the day and at twilight. The ratio of brightness and weight of magnification and field of view make this model perfect for any application. Even extreme cold cannot keep the robust Ultravids from delivering the ultimate viewing experience : the new focusing mechanism on the Leica Ultravid HD models works with high-performance Teflon disks and almost no lubrication. This ensures constant smooth focusing – even at temperatures as low as -25° where other binoculars would surely fail. Fluoride lenses With the help of new fluoride (FL) glass in Leica HD models the color fidelity and contrast of images is further improved. Optical FL lenses are to a large part made up of calcium fluoride a mineral with a crystalline structure. Unlike conventional optical lenses this creates a very low level of dispersion (light scattering) and corrects aberration (imaging errors) significantly better. So as a result the viewing experience is more natural and impressive than it has ever been before. Imitating nature : Leica AquaDuraTM The models of binocular and spotting scopes with the new HD lenses are now fitted with Leica AquaDuraTM a “hyd

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