Squirrel-Be-Gone III Bird Feeder


It used to be Mission Impossible when it came to finding a bird feeder that was really just for the birds. The Squirrel-Be-Gone III Bird Feeder is a new option that prevents squirrels from infiltrating the seeds you set out for feathered friends. A patented system on this feeder works by using the squirrel’s own weight to close the feeding ports preventing him from accessing the seed.There are nine feeding ports in all and three separate clear plastic tubes. You can offer up to three variations of seed at once and the levels are easy to monitor. The metal cap base and decorative leaves all feature an antique bronze finish to beautifully accent any garden.It is recommended that you clean this feeder twice a week. If extra cleaning is required a solution of vinegar and water should be used. Do not use extremely hot water or place the feeder in your dishwasher.The use of saccharin or other artificial sweeteners is not recommended with this feeder as these have no nutritional value for the birds. Do not use honey or other related products as these can be harmful to hummingbirds.About WoodstreamA privately-held company with a long-standing positive reputation Woodstream is a global manufacturer and marketer of quality products from pets and wildlife control and home and garden products to bird feeders and garden d?cor. They have a 150 year history of excellence growth and innovation and have built a strong presence in key markets through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. The growth of Woodstream is thanks to their customer-driven approach to product development a dedicated design organization that focuses on innovation quality and safety as well as a commitment to an industry-leading level of service.

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