Gardman Oriental Bird Table Antique Bronze


This feeder combines the beauty of an oriental gazebo to the functionality of a platform feeder. The hexagonal shape of this item is created by six posts which encircle the base and support the roof. The edges of the feeding platform mimic a fence, with four small holes in each section of border. These holes are mirrored by holes along the exterior of the base, which allow water to drain and help keep seed fresh. Offer mealworms, fruit, nuts, or suet on the feeding platform to attract specific types of birds. Bring many songbirds to the feeder by placing 0.3 quarts of mixed or other seed in the tray. The gazebo’s open design makes adding food simple. The 13 inch diameter roof protects the food from the elements, and the scalloped edges offer even more detail to the piece. The feeder rests on an included stand, which has an intricately scrolled base. The two piece post must be assembled, and a decorative center fastener keeps the pieces secure. The bronze finish gives an antique feel to the item, and the plastic construction can easily be wiped clean. Assemble the feeder with the included hardware, and place it anywhere in your yard, securing the stand with the included ground anchors.

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