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Your backyard birds will be so grounded when they discover the Rocky Mountain Ground Bird Bath. Designed to look like a real rock on the ground this bird bath is constructed of durable fiberglass. This material is resistant to fading cracking splitting and all forms of harsh weather. The optional dripper is an excellent idea. It creates ripples in the water to attract the birds. Another option to add is a heater so your birds can enjoy the bird bath year round and you can enjoy watching them. Purchase the bird bath by itself if you prefer or add one or both of these fabulous extras.

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Features: Songs of the common birds we see everyday in our backyards and woods. Their inspiring melodies bring joy and peace to our lives and touch our hearts.

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This supplement-enhanced wild bird food helps backyard birds survive the challenges nature offers. This unique food attracts a wide array of coloful birds providing proper nutrition aimed at improving their immune systems.

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Treat your backyard birds to a special holiday feast. Each of these solid-seed globes contains 3/4 lb. of deluxe seed mix, including pecans, black-oil sunflower seeds, peanuts, sunflower hearts and white millet. Each ball is loaded with 3/4 lb. of deluxe seed mix Ready to hang with a jute hanger Set of 3 Solid birdseed globes 4″ diameter each

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Features: Comes with an informative 32-page booklet. Learn to identify your favorite birds by their songs and calls alone. Includes 28 of the most common backyard birds, such as the American Robin, the Song Sparrow, and the Downy Woodpecker, arranged in groups with similar vocalizations.

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