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Birds prefer a fountain over a birdbath like people prefer a shower over a tub. The water looks and feels fresher when it recirculates. The Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain is the most popular bird sanctuary in the neighborhood. The tickling sound of the fountain soothes nerves and eases your mind just like those feng shui masters promised. It’s perfectly self-contained and low-maintenance with no plumbing or electricity needed. The solar-powered pump recirculates water through the built-in reservoir. The 2-inch-deep fountain bowl is perfect for frolicking birds and only requires about a gallon of water. Your tree-hugger friends will be impressed.Moving water is fresher naturally resisting mosquitoes and algae. The included 2-inch extender tube can be added to increase the fountain height. You can even leave this bird bath outdoors year-round; simply bring the pump and solar panel inside and replace with the included winterizing plate. A built-in filter keeps water clear just clean it every month or so.

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I joined their bird watching tour on Sun. Feb. 27, 2011 from 13:30-15:30. There weren’t a lot of birds there because of the strong winds, but it was a sunny day and we got a lot of exercise walking around this HUGE bird sanctuary. 🙂 More details on the Gyotoku Bird Observatory in Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan including photos, map, and description can be found here:

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4 Would you consider turning your piece of land into a bird watching park? Well, that is what one man in Mukuruweini is attempting to achieve. He hasn’t attracted that many birds yet but as Penina Karibe found out, he is not about to give up.

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Have you ever had a hummingbird perch on your finger and feed from a bottle of nectar? We did!!!!! It was sooooo amazing. Their little tiny feet . . .!!!! Rocklands Bird santuary was started by a woman in the 50’s and now the man who worked for her, lives there and tends to the little birds. A must do if you are in Jamaica!

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Since the early 1990s Leila Hadley has tended to her paradise-like garden at her house on Fishers Island, on Long Island Sound. In A Garden by the Sea she shares her experiences of seaside gardening and offers a personalized how-to book. Written in a user-friendly format full of her trials and triumphs, the book also serves as a comprehensive and practical guide for beginner and advanced gardeners alike. Starting with nothing, Leila Hadley built an all-organic garden and bird sanctuary that defies the most difficult gardening conditions. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs, the book includes maps and charts on annuals, perennials, indoor and outdoor planting, and how to keep a coastal garden thriving even in those long winter months. The book also contains substantial information for gardening in other regions and climactic conditions. The ultimate book for creating and cultivating a garden and deriving joy and satisfaction in the process, A Garden by the Sea is destined

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