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APO-HG: The new top class from MINOX – Outstanding optics based on apochromatic lens technologyPin-sharp optics with natural color rendition puts the new APO-HG binoculars from MINOX in a class of their own and first in the top league. The APO-HG 8.5×43 BR and the APO-HG 10×43 BR models impressively represent the latest technologies in binocular design. Featuring SCHOTT fluoride ED-glass lens elements these apochromatically-corrected binoculars deliver a brilliant color-fringe-free image. The new type of MINOTEC multicoating which is a nanotechnology application helps to repel dust water and soiling from the external glass surfaces. In cooperation with MINOX the glass engineers of SCHOTT AG which is based in the city of Mainz designed the required glass composition for the APO technology. The high quality ED glass (N-PK 52 A) awards the new HG binoculars apochromatic properties that deliver an exceptional optical performance. The APO HG optical system boasts natural color rendition high contrast and also minimizes glare. Aspherical lenses inside the eyepieces guarantee consistent sharpness from the center right into the edges. Outdoor use is greatly enhanced with the MINOTEC multicoating. Based on a modified objective-lens surface structure any adhering dust particles and other soiling components can be simply wiped off. Even water droplets pearl off with ease. The APO binoculars also feature all the proven features of the HG line and deliver top class performance in every discipline. This includes among other things the M* multicoating of 21 layers and the silver-bearing Minobright reflection of the phase-corrected roof prisms. The handling of the binoculars has been optimized further with the Quick-Close-Focus (QCF) feature developed by MINOX. Just a single turn of the focus knob is all that is needed to adjust the APO HG binoculars from close-up to infinity the user can also carry out a very fast adjustment in the near-focus range and precision focusing at great

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Features: Engaging portrait into the Eastern Bluebird’s life in the wild. Illustrated with Brilliant color photos.

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The first field guide to bats! For anyone who is interested in bats, this is the ultimate guide to everything you want to know. Includes: triangle picture Identification of all 45 species of bats in North America, including all of the endangered species. Brilliant color photographs of each species. Information on breeding, feeding, roosting, migration, and hibernation. User-friendly color tab index for quick reference. Up-to-date range maps. Plans for building a bat house and other ways to attract bats. Details on habitat, bat biology, food preferences and more. Information about the benefits of bats, which devour thousands of harmful insects. triangle picture Written by experts Kim Williams and Rob Mies with assistance from Don and Lillian Stokes.

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