Birds prefer a fountain over a birdbath like people prefer a shower over a tub. The water looks and feels fresher when it recirculates. The Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain is the most popular bird sanctuary in the neighborhood. The tickling sound of the fountain soothes nerves and eases your mind just like those feng shui masters promised. It’s perfectly self-contained and low-maintenance with no plumbing or electricity needed. The solar-powered pump recirculates water through the built-in reservoir. The 2-inch-deep fountain bowl is perfect for frolicking birds and only requires about a gallon of water. Your tree-hugger friends will be impressed.Moving water is fresher naturally resisting mosquitoes and algae. The included 2-inch extender tube can be added to increase the fountain height. You can even leave this bird bath outdoors year-round; simply bring the pump and solar panel inside and replace with the included winterizing plate. A built-in filter keeps water clear just clean it every month or so.

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Features: Kozyfill uses no electricity or batteries. No need to ever carry water to your birdbath again. Adds water to the birdbath only when water is needed.

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The box that offers worry-free charging for long-term use. The Solar Controller prevents overcharging 12 volt batteries when using solar panels that provide more than 10 watts of power. This compact unit can handle up to 100 watts of electricity and gives you maintenance free protection of both your solar panels and your batteries.Features:3.8″ x 2.7″ x 1″4.2 ozCut-out: 14.2V Cut-in:13VPrevents overcharging of 12 volt batteriesUse with up to 5 SolarFlat 15 units SolarRoll 14 units or up to 3 Solaris 25 unitsLeave battery connected for constant charge monitoringUse with 12V solar panes and batteries onlyDesigned for continuous charging with 10 watt and larger solar panelsHandles up to 7 amps of array input 100 watts of solar powerMaintains battery in fully charged stateCharge light indicates chargingFull battery indication when charging is completeOne-year warranty

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Our lovely Richmond 2-Tier Solar Bird Bath & Fountain is designed for long-lasting enjoyment via a solar panel that powers the water without any electricity or messy wires. Place your bird bath in direct sunlight and a fountain of water will flow effortlessly thanks to the six-volt pump attracting birds of all species. Made from durable all-weather resin you'll enjoy this bird bath fountain season after season. For best results place your solar panel in direct sunlight. Water is held in the top two tiers only not in the pedestal.Special Note: Solar Fountains and Bird Baths require lots of direct sunlight to operate properly. Please be sure you have a sunny spot to place your fountain or bath.Keep your bird bath fountain clean with our safe bird bath cleaner.

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The Economical 44 Watt Bird Bath Heater / De-Icer is a uniquely designed heater enclosed in aluminum thermal foil. Using only 44 watts of electricity this de-icer should be used in shallow bird baths to warm the water for your feathered friends. Tested in -10 degrees Fahrenheit it is fully grounded with a three prong power cord.

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