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APO-HG: The new top class from MINOX – Outstanding optics based on apochromatic lens technologyPin-sharp optics with natural color rendition puts the new APO-HG binoculars from MINOX in a class of their own and first in the top league. The APO-HG 8.5×43 BR and the APO-HG 10×43 BR models impressively represent the latest technologies in binocular design. Featuring SCHOTT fluoride ED-glass lens elements these apochromatically-corrected binoculars deliver a brilliant color-fringe-free image. The new type of MINOTEC multicoating which is a nanotechnology application helps to repel dust water and soiling from the external glass surfaces. In cooperation with MINOX the glass engineers of SCHOTT AG which is based in the city of Mainz designed the required glass composition for the APO technology. The high quality ED glass (N-PK 52 A) awards the new HG binoculars apochromatic properties that deliver an exceptional optical performance. The APO HG optical system boasts natural color rendition high contrast and also minimizes glare. Aspherical lenses inside the eyepieces guarantee consistent sharpness from the center right into the edges. Outdoor use is greatly enhanced with the MINOTEC multicoating. Based on a modified objective-lens surface structure any adhering dust particles and other soiling components can be simply wiped off. Even water droplets pearl off with ease. The APO binoculars also feature all the proven features of the HG line and deliver top class performance in every discipline. This includes among other things the M* multicoating of 21 layers and the silver-bearing Minobright reflection of the phase-corrected roof prisms. The handling of the binoculars has been optimized further with the Quick-Close-Focus (QCF) feature developed by MINOX. Just a single turn of the focus knob is all that is needed to adjust the APO HG binoculars from close-up to infinity the user can also carry out a very fast adjustment in the near-focus range and precision focusing at great

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Keep your optics in shape!Optical products are valuable. Protect yours with the Nikon Optics Maintenance Kit. Includes:Static Whiska small brush to sweep dust and small particles from lenses quickly and easily;Precision Cleaning Solution to remove lens-degrading stains or marks including residue from water droplets.Tiger Clothan anti-static microfiber cleaning cloth that complements the Static Wisk;Speck Grabber to pick small bits of dirt and debris from hard-to-reach locations on the lens surface.The Nikon Optics Maintenance Kit: it’s a far-sighted investment in clear vision!

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Steiner 12×56 Nighthunter XP BinocularsThe 12×56 Nighthunter XP are the highest power low-light binoculars available perfect for finding big country game under low light conditions or stretching out another half hour of viewing time on the edge of a bean field. In addition to the ultra-bright Nighthunter optics the 12 x 56 has tremendous long distance "reach-out" power. At 41 ozs. it’s lighter than other comparable binoculars while being hefty enough for a more stable image at 12-x magnification. The NANO-Protected exterior lens coating on both the front and rear lenses readily repels any water and moisture condensation. Also when used with running water as a flushing agent dirt dust and debris are also easily cleaned from the Nano-Coated lens surfaces when the binocular is then hand-shaken dry. The XP Night Hunters also features new NBR Long-Life Armoring that will last over two times longer than conventional rubber coverings yet it retains a comfortable grip and slip-proof feel for the user. Three different pairs of eyecups are included with the new Night Hunter XP Binoculars. These eyecups will aid users who customarily view with prescription glasses or who prefer the sidelight protection of profiled or "winged" eyecups or just require an extended eye relief. The new Nighthunter XP binoculars come with a Clic-Loc Neck Strap. A Clic-Loc cross-back shoulder harness is also available.Night Hunter XPDawn. Dusk. In the shadows or even in nearly total darkness… you’ll see what others miss with Steiner Nighthunter XP – binoculars that deliver unparalleled low-light performance.The new Nighthunter XP Binocular now feature water repelling NANO-Protection lenses on the outer objective and ocular lenses to prevent adhesion of water and moisture to the lens surface greatly reducing fogging so water and snow just slide off of the objective and ocular lenses. Waterproof and submersible these rugged binoculars are purged and uniquely over-pressurized with Nitrogen to 7 psi.The Nighthunter XP Binoculars incorporate the exclusive Steiner Sports Auto-Focus system. Once set for the user's eyes the binocular keeps all objects in focus at distances from approximately 20 yards to infinity. Because of the greater depth of field in the Steiner Porro-prism design the focus feature allows the observer to pre-focus at a selected distance in twilight and know that the binoculars will remain in focus in dim light when it would be impossible to focus the binocular in a normal manner.The Nighthunter XP High Definition (HD) lens coating makes them literally the brightest binoculars made anywhere. Do you want to see what others missed? Do you want to see better in the dark? The Nighthunter XP is for you! Nighthunter XP technology sets a new standard in brightness to let you see in almost impossible light conditions.All Nighthunter XP are built for several lifetimes of rugged use constructed to U.S. mil spec standards for shock fog and waterproof performance and include a 30-year warranty.Steiner´s Nighthunter XP binoculars feature a unique combination of precision crafted optical glass coated with our exclusive "HD" High Definition broad band lens coating built into a high performance and rugged body that is especially made for high light transmission.The internal stray light reducing baffle system makes the binoulars brighter than any other binoculars. The above simulation is an example of the Nighthunter's light gathering power. With our one time Sports Auto-Focus system you won't have to worry about focusing in low light: everything will be in focus once initially set for your eyes.

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